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Everything we do is at no charge to the viewer. We have started earning a very small amount from YouTube, almost enough for a coffee per streams...

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This will hopefully help keep this free for everyone and improve the quality of the streams.

We thank you for your support!

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About Us

We have been on YouTube since February 2011 and did our 1st live stream April 2013. Since then we have covered a number of live events. From Ice Hockey, Baseball, Softball to Memorial Services.

Technology keeps changing and we are able to stream using a good mobile phone and reliable 5G network. At the moment in our experience, the Odido Unlimited (T-Mobile Go-Unlimited) offering is the most reliable in most of the Netherlands.

For away games, we use an Android phone with the Softvelum Larix Broadcaster software. For home games or where we have access to power and a wired Internet connection, we use OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio and a prosumer Panasonic video camera connected through an Algato Cam Link USB capture card.

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