A Python library for automating interaction with websites. MechanicalSoup automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects, and can follow links and submit forms. It doesn’t do Javascript.


Cross platform twamp client with Qt QML backend

Certificate Search

Enter an Identity (Domain Name, Organization Name, etc), a Certificate Fingerprint (SHA-1 or SHA-256) or a ID and get all certificate information back.

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is an open-source enterprise operating system designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. It is under intensive development by the community.


PipeWire is a project that aims to greatly improve handling of audio and video under Linux. It provides a low-latency, graph based processing engine on top of audio and video devices that can be used to support the use cases currently handled by both pulseaudio and JACK. PipeWire was designed with a powerful security model that makes interacting with audio and video devices from containerized applications easy, with supporting Flatpak applications being the primary goal. Alongside Wayland and Flatpak we expect PipeWire to provide a core building block for the future of Linux application development.


“Focus, Listen and Innovate” is at the core of what Accsoon does. Accsoon focuses on product quality and technical innovation, listens to the needs of our users, and provides them with professional camera gear that really helps. We are very pleased to see Accsoon products being widely used by professionals and consumers around the world. Accsoon is diving into helping users be inspired to create compelling content effectively.

The Fence Clip

Attach your video camera or cell phone to a chain-link fence and get excellent game video. We are making it easy.


Founded in 2013, SmallRig designs and builds complete accessory solutions for content creations with cameras, gimbals, and mobile phones. Our accessories are widely used in live broadcasting, vlog, professional video production, and other fields supported by over two million creators worldwide. SmallRig pioneered the User Co-design (UCD) mode and DreamRig program in the industry to co-design with global creators and make their big dream achievable.


Useful tools for developer and people working in IT.

txt2ascii art

Convert text into ASCII art with many fonts and sizes.


At Clipchamp we have a simple mission: help everyone to become a creator of awesome video content.


Local control for updating and editing Windows images and deployments. For IT professionals and enthusiasts

Windows 96 on the web...


WingetUI is an intuitive, response and nice-looking user interface for the most common (command-line) package managers for Windows 10 and Windows 11, such as Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. With this program, you will be able to easily download, install, update and uninstall any software that is published on those package managers.


EarTrumpet is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app consisting of a notification area icon with a context menu, flyout and a volume mixer window. Changing the default device is available on the context menu. Hotkeys can be assigned in settings to invoke the flyout, volume mixer or open settings. The flyout and volume mixer have effectively the same controls, in both cases there is a hidden popup on each app session (type space or right click) that reveal sliders for each item in the app group (e.g. multiple Firefox sessions running).


Animated desktop wallpapers, bring your desktop to life!